New Course – Introduction to felt making

I’m running an introductory course in felt making at Paddock art studios in Lewes on Saturday 23rd March . Please contact for bookings or further information

Course Details:

Introduction to felt making

Location: Paddock Art Studios , Paddock Lane, Lewes BN7 1TW

Saturday 23rd March 10.30- 4pm

This day will explore an introduction to felt making- it will look briefly at the origins of felt and the different types of fleece used. We will create 3 end outcomes- 

  1. a piece of felt using the wet felting method
  2. second piece that can be cut from to create shapes and designs that can be felted on to the first sample
  3. if time- experimenting with wool/ needle felting techniques to embellish your piece of work

Refreshments provided although you are encouraged to bring your own lunch

Bring an apron and gloves

This course is not advised if you are allergic to lanoline (natural oil on sheep fleece)

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